Ten Sleep Canyon

Recently visited Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming.  Here I found some interesting rocks in Ten Sleep Creek.

Every Spring new rocks are exposed.

Some very interesting patterns

Above the creek, the canyon walls have many types of stone.

And the Canyon has caves...


animated gifs I made of rock specimens

Animated gif I made of a jasper conglomerate specimen I found in Wyoming.

Animated gif I made of a specimen composted of agate, chert and jasper that I found in Wyoming.
The agate is a holly blue or periwinkle blue or a cornflower blue color.


Some rocks in my collection

Multicolored jasper found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

The vivid colors in this jasper are splendid to behold!

This piece of multicolored jasper is polished by the wind and sand of the desert.

Chert speckled with blue agate found by Ten Sleep, Wyoming

More of that multicolored jasper found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

This is banded ironstone found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming.  This specimen has a large amount of hematite and iron in it, and it is very heavy.  The wind and sand has polished part of the stone.

Multicolored jasper with red veins found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Unakite (or Epidote) found in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming

Banded ironstone found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Multicolored jasper

Multicolored jasper

Jasper conglomerate

Greenish yellow Aventurine found south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Jasper conglomerate

Round stone found in Hot Springs County, Wyoming

Found by Powder River, Wyoming

Algate or chalcedony found by Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Quartz from the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming

 Sandstone Concretions found by Ten Sleep, Wyoming


Dreikanter Rocks I've found in Wyoming

Finally learned the name for the type of rocks I've found in Sweetwater County, Wyoming:  Dreikanter.

Dreikanters are a type of ventifact that usually forms in desert or peri-glacial environments due to abrasive action of blowing sand.
They characteristally have a 3-faced pyramidal shape.
the word Dreikanter is German and means "a three-sider".
Here are photos I've taken of ones in my possession now:

These are filling up the seat of my computer chair.
Note however that not all of them have three sides.
But they are all made of the same type of black rock, found in a treeless desert where the wind blows all the time, and sand has given them shine (luster).

Same rocks on chair, different angle.  I lightened photo because the black color of these rocks makes it hard to make out their angular features.

 Here I've lightened the photo to display the angles, etc. of these rocks.  They are very dark in color in reality.

I converted this photo to greyscale color (true black & white) and sharpened the photo.
This is often found in same area where I found the dreikanter rocks, and is made of the same type of rock.  The difference is that they have a bumpy texture on their exterior.  They are the exact same black color as the dreikanter rocks above.


 Here is one with an American Penny Coin on top to show the size of the stone.

 Another image converted to greyscale (true black & white color).
These rocks are very heavy and make great paperweights or door stops!

Here is a large true dreikanter (3-sided) boulder embedded in the ground in the desert.
It bears some rust colored patina near bottom probably from the red sand.

This one has 4 sides.

This is my favourite one.  It looks like a large leaf.

This one is about the size of a teenager's footprint.

Another one.

A Fish-
Shaped rock.

This thin, flat specimen is nearly perfectly symmetrical.  It fills the entire palm of my hand.
This one only has 2 sides.

This one is diamond shaped and has a bumpy surface.

 Here they are laid out on a carpet.  No two are alike!

Last ones...until I go back this summer and find more!


Few more rocks

Tiny nugget but tremendously beautiful!

Boulder in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming

Black rocks found in desert south of Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Weathered quartz with unusual pattern

Creekbed specimen found in mountains by Ten Sleep, Wyoming which consists mostly of clay and sandstone.