Rocks found by Ten Sleep, Wyoming by the Bighorn Mountains

This is the area I went rock hunting at last weekend.
This is near the town of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

What did I find?
And some purplish-blue-reddish chert.

You can't find this stuff anywhere on the eastern side of the Bighorn Mountains; thus I make the trip over the mountains to find it.

This stuff is absolutely gorgeous!

This stone is a mixture of agate, chert, etc.!  You can see crystalization on some areas.

The agate in this piece is cloudy.  The red on the exterior is from the red soil I found it at.

Many of these agate specimens appear to have geode qualities.

This is a piece I found in this same area a year ago.  I've been hand-polishing it.

This piece is about 9 inches in length.

This piece has crystalization on the top, with a bubbley interior.  Perhaps the rock was at one time liquid, and then cooled?

The color of the agate in these stones is almost a cornflower or periwinkle blue in color.

This is in my opinion the best specimen I have found in this area.  I found it last year, and it is a sheer delight to behold!

Here is another view of it.

Tomorrow I plan to explore and hope to find more things like this -- stay tuned!